The dolphin therapy

Dolphin assisted therapy is a unique, non-traditional approach to psychotherapy, where the process of psychotherapy is deeply connected with the process of human and dolphin interspecies communication.

The uniqueness of method connected with the great amount of active factors, directly involved into process. Among these factors the following might be determined: emotional, sensorial, motional, playful, bioenergetics, ultrasonic.

165 USD
Per 30 Minutes

Every Day
Except Tuesday

Dolphin Assisted therapy

The dolphin assisted therapy itself passes with the participation of specially educated and trained dolphins. The coach watches and controls the dolphins and is directly responsible for all necessary work they make.

Child is always accompanied by the psychologist or rehabilitologist in a pool, the duty of these specialists is to organize the kid’s contact with the dolphin and to provide the correction work within the dolphin assisted therapy framework.

The duration

The duration of dolphin assisted therapy process is usually equals to 30 minutes and might be conditionally divided into two parts: game part and water part.


Per Session

10 Minutes
Game Part

different kinds of games with the dolphin on a dais: songs, dancing, game with a ball, with a ring, dolphin’s drawings, tactile contact with the dolphin – the dolphin is allowed to be touched, pet, embraced, kissed, etc.

10 Minutes
Water Part

It is well-known, that dolphin assisted therapy positively affects the cognitive and behavioral aspects of child’s life, helps his socialization, increases perseverance and internal motivation for studies.

therapy center

In our dolphin assisted therapy center you are able to combine the therapy with the following services massage sessions

The free transfer of child and parents is available from the hotel to the dolphin assisted therapy center.

starts with the dolphintherapist consultation, by which the medical history of child (so called “anamnesis”) is collecting, the physical and mental state of the baby is specifying, the requests of parents are defining and the outline for the whole course in general and for every single session is developing.


The introduction and welcome – the establishing contact among the child, dolphintherapist and dolphin.

The game – the child’s contact with the dolphin goes deeper with the assistance of the game.

The water part – the contact with the dolphin in the water environment, during which the intensive sensorial, locomotion and ultrasonic impact are providing;

The farewell part – the ending of dolphin assisted therapy process, farewell with the dolphin.

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