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Through this page, you can find easily answers to all questions that you may need. We've gathered answers and solutions for you from all the situations we face while operating. For more details, you can also communicate directly with us through our WhatsApp service: +20 1273988881

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The dolphin show starts daily at 10:30 am for 60 minutes and we present show with variety of animals: Dolphins and Walrus and soon with sea cats. You can use your mobile to take photos and film during the show. Children less than 6 years attend for FREE. From 6 to 12 years enjoy 50% less. If you will not book transfer with us, please attend at 10:00 am.

We provide joining transfer both ways with a cheap price: Adult 5$, Child is free under 6 years and 50% from 6 to 12 years 3$. We provide also family private transfer if you want more privacy during your trip.

It's the best way for transfer because no one else is involved during the departure and back to the hotel. the private transfer cost $23

We provide many options to take photos with the dolphins: After the show, the whole family can take a family photo outside the pool with the dolphin. We provide also photo session inside and outside the pool per person. Another photo service concerning the swimming, that we take an attractive photos during the swimming and you can get it with by extra payment (digital & printed)

It's a special program for families with maximum 2 adults + 2 children. Operated in a private pool, with private dolphin and trainer within 15 minutes full of interaction with the dolphin: Playing, dancing and swimming inside the pool.

We have variety of swimming sessions?
Individual 5 minutes. We have also couple and family package. Couple 10 minutes and family package of 15 minutes. All our swimming session include swimming, dancing and we provide the photo service with extra payment. We provide swimsuit and towel for free. Swimming session starts after the show. Please, refer to our activities page.

A program that created for couple to share together their exclusive dolphin during 10 minutes of swimming and dancing inside the pool. It can be couple or parent with his kid. We provide the transfer with a cheap price. We provide for FREE swimsuit, life vest and towel.

The photo session is a pack of 10 digital photos inside the pool with the dolphins. If you have infant of maximum 3 years old, he/she can make the photo session with the parents for FREE. You will also dance with the dolphin during your session. We provide the diving suit, life vest and towel for FREE. We also provide transfer both ways for a cheap price.

This is a new idea that aims to take beautiful photos of all family members together. It starts with a few individual photos of each family member, then a pack of photos of the family together. About 15 digital photos with the dolphin in the pool. Exclusive dolphin and instructor for this program. You can also book your transfer with us. We provide for FREE: Swimsuit, Towel et life vest for each.

Our therapy starts with a private transfer of clients from the hotel to our center and each session starts with the dolphin therapist consultation.
Next part is the introduction and welcome. We establish contact among the client, dolphin therapist and dolphin. Then we continue with the game part. Client contact with the dolphin goes deeper with the assistance of the game. The next step is the water part, direct contact with the dolphin in the water environment, during which the intensive sensorial, locomotion and ultrasonic impact are providing. And we finish with farewell part our ending of dolphin assisted therapy session. After all procedures our free transfer bring you back to the hotel.

The duration of dolphin assisted therapy process is usually equals to 30 minutes and might be conditionally divided into two parts: game part and water part.
The game part includes different kinds of games with the dolphin on a platform: songs, dancing, game with a ball and ring, dolphin’s drawings, tactile contact with the dolphin – the dolphin is allowed to be touched, pet, embraced, kissed, etc.
The water part is a direct contact with the dolphin in water.

We offer different photos package for swimming to suit each individual or family:
Individual package 30$
Couple package 50$
Family Package 70$

* Child under 6 years, attend the show and enjoy the transfer for FREE
* Child from 6 to 12 years, enjoy 50% less for show and transfer
* Child for maximum 2 years old, make photo session with the parents for FREE
* Child under 5 years can't swim alone
* Child make swimming, his parent join with him the transfer for FREE

* We accept Visa card or MasterCard.
* We accept All kind of currencies Cash.
* We accept payment online through our website.
* We make the booking and pay on arrival by all above methods.

It's strictly forbidden to use phone for photos or video. We provide this service on site. We have a professional photographers and everyone can get it by extra payment.

The video is reserved for the swimming session. You should book the video before making the swimming session. Simply, you can ask anyone from our staff that you need to book the video.

Offer to your family member a great moment when you celebrate his/her birthday with us. We provide a Cake + birthday song during the show + Free photo with the dolphin during the show.

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